What Are Pharmacies (Drugstores) In The USA?

What Are Pharmacies (Drugstores) In The USAPharmacies in America are called pharmacy (drugstore). You can buy everything at the pharmacy, even if it does not apply to medicines. The assortment of US pharmacies offers customers all the goods they need in their daily life.

Pharmacies can be seen everywhere. Most pharmacies are concentrated in states such as California, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania.

There are private pharmacies in the USA, but most of all in the country are large pharmacy chains. The most popular are Walgreens, CVS, Eckerd, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Trust Pharmacy. You can register in the bonus program and receive discounts with every purchase. To do this, you either need to go to the website of the pharmacy chain, or go to the nearest pharmacy and ask to fill out a membership form.

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American pharmacies are large enough in area from 100 sq.m. and more. Most pharmacies are located in separate buildings, as well as in supermarkets and hospitals. The pharmacy premises can be conditionally divided into two zones: the first is the drug dispensing zone where the pharmacist is located and the second is the self-service zone.

There are online pharmacies where a person can order the desired goods with delivery.

In the states, virtually all drugs are prescription drugs, with only about 10% of drugs available without a prescription. Prescriptions written in other countries out are not accepted in the United States.

The self-service area is divided into thematic groups and sections, for example, antipyretics, eye medications, oral care products, etc.

Basically, only those drugs that were produced in the states are sold in American pharmacies. Most pharmacies have their own brands of drugs, they operate on a similar principle to well-known brands of drugs, but their cost is much lower.

In addition to goods, pharmacies provide a certain list of medical services, for example, a person can be vaccinated or have blood pressure measured, it is possible to pass some types of tests.

Pharmacies are open either late or around the clock.

All pharmacies have computer systems that store information about each person who made purchases on this network. The database stores data on what a person has taken before and what he is taking now. Each customer is given a label with the drug name, the name of the doctor who prescribed the drug, and the name of the pharmacist who sold the drug.

In a pharmacy, drugs are packaged in those dosages that are required for a particular patient. Be sure to get instructions with the rules for use and possible side effects.

Medical insurance covers about 15% of the cost of a medicine.

Often, pharmacies do not have warehouses where medicines are stored. The person with the prescription orders the necessary medicine, the pharmacist sends the order to the distributor, and the medicine is delivered for the stated period of time.